Episode 33: FDA's Proposed Food Traceability Rule

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December 14, 2020

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In this episode, staff attorney Rich Lavigne explains how the Food and Drug Administration's proposed "Food Traceability" rule will impact our nation's farms. The good news about the proposed rule is that the FDA is actively trying to avoid making a sweeping warning statement on a food item -- remember the big romaine upset of 2019? Well, the FDA is proposing a different system of food traceablity to pin point the source of a food safety outbreak more accurately. Tune in to learn what foods are considered "high-risk" and therefore are subject to the rule (hello, broccoli and cauliflower!), the ins and outs of the proposed paperwork requirements (spoiler: there's a lot), and the categories of exemptions from the rule. The best part is, the rule is not yet final! There is still time to weigh in on the proposed Food Traceability rule, so give a listen to this episode and then hop over to the Federal Register to let the FDA know by January 21, 2020 how the rule will impact your farm operation.

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