Rachel RespondsSeptember 22, 2018

Ultimately, I want long-term land tenure.


How can my lease agreement protect my investment in a piece of land over the long term?


A long-term agricultural lease may be best for farmers in a wide variety of circumstances. A lease of 5-10 years, or some other length suitable to you and the owner, can be a win-win situation for landowners and farmers. For farmers interested in agroforestry, permaculture, or another long-term investment in productivity, a long-term lease is a necessity. 

Creating the right long-term lease for you requires good communication with the owner, so both aprties can feel good about the eventual wrirten lease. Having an attorney look at the lease is also a good idea. The lease also needs to be "recorded" by a county clerk or recorder to make sure the lease cotninues in the event a new owner takes over the property.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Although it contains a lot of information specific to agroforestry leases, Farm Commons' Inspirations for Creating a Long-Term Agricultural Lease for Agroforestry has detailed information on the legal issues and practical steps of all long-term agricultural leases. Drafting a Lease: Questions for Farmers and Landowners to Ask is an additional Farm Commons resource to consult when constructing a long-term lease.

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