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Press Release: Farm Law Cultivates Agricultural Resilience

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Farm Commons to Host Free Farm Law Workshops for Agricultural Service Providers in 6 Midwestern States This Fall

When farmers have law-related questions they turn to the advisors they already trust, such as Extension agents, nonprofit staff, accountants, and lenders. In a Farm Commons survey of agricultural service providers, 94% of the 86 respondents shared that farm business law questions come up in their interactions with farmer clients. They also shared that while they want to guide farmers to the answers, they don’t know what the client should do and are afraid of giving the wrong advice and overstepping ethical bounds. This is where Farm Commons comes in. 

Farm Commons, a nonprofit organization specializing in farm law education for farmers, is hosting 6 free full-day trainings for agricultural service providers titled Guiding Farmers to Legal Resilience. Participants will work through core legal subject areas impacting farmers’ business liabilities, learning how to spot common and significant legal issues and how to direct farm clients to appropriate next steps. The workshops are FREE of charge and include lunch, made possible by the support of North Central SARE. 

Their educational curriculum covers 6 core legal subject, including business structures, land purchasing, insurance and liability, employment law, and agritourism and value added good production. Throughout, they highlight core “action steps” or legal best management practices that advisors should recommend to help farmers reduce risk. “Farm business advisors want their clients to thrive, and we give them the legal knowledge and resources to succeed in that goal. Trust me, it won’t be boring! Farm business advisors bring tremendous wisdom to the workshop; we all benefit from good discussions about the law and its implications,” says Rachel Armstrong, Executive Director of Farm Commons.

Entering into their 8th year of farm law education, Farm Commons is based in Duluth, founded by attorney and Minnesota-native Rachel Armstrong. “Agriculture is my true love, right after my family, of course! I created Farm Commons after I witnessed a community-wide need for good legal education, so here we are.” Their legal team offers a robust online library of legal educational resources available at online at and they also deliver in-person intensive farm law trainings for farmers and agricultural service providers across the nation.

The 6 workshops will be hosted between September and October of 2019 in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, and Iowa. For more information and to register, visit Questions? Email


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