Rachel RespondsSeptember 22, 2018

Finding proper insurance coverage.


What if I can't get insurance for an activity or operation?


Sometimes a farmer cannot find an insurance company who will offer coverage to the farm. Unfortunately, there is little that can be done in these situations. This happens when an insurance company doesn't clearly understand the risk posed by the farm's activities. If they can't assess the likelihood of the risk materializing, they can't accurately price the insurance policy. On the other hand, the insurance company may understand the risk fully and simply choose not to insure it. Perhaps it's not profitable to do so, or it's not a priority for that specific company.

Farmers in this situation may need to adapt their operation to become insurable. A conversation with an insurance agency may reveal exactly which element of the farm is considered too risky. Removing that element may help. Over the long term, however, farmers can work with advocates and other farmers to convinve the insurance industry to cover more unique farm operations.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Read pages 8-11 of Farm Commons' Farmers Guide to Reducing the Legal Risks of a Food Safety Incident. Talk to insurange agents in your community, as well as other farmers doing the same or similar things you want to do.

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