Farmers SpeakMarch 11, 2019

Farmer Stories: Supporting CSA Through Agreements

Katie Jantzen of West End Farm, Photo by West End Farm
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Katie Jantzen is a beginning farmer in Plymouth, Nebraska, growing produce on a small farm that’s been tended by her family for 5 generations.

With ¾ of an acre in production, she grows over 42 varieties of produce and herbs, selling produce primarily through a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, as well as through local farmers markets and small food businesses.

Katie grew up on a dairy farm in southeast Nebraska and received a B.A. in Environmental Sustainability from Eastern Mennonite University in Virginia where she became interested in local food systems. She’s spent several years working with a variety of local food initiatives, and on various CSA farms Indiana and Nebraska.

In beginning her own CSA farm, Katie wanted to develop a legally sound and accessible CSA agreement to hold both farmer and CSA members accountable to each other.

“I looked around for example agreements, referencing other farms I had worked on – some with strong agreements and some not so strong, and I wanted one that clearly laid out expectations for folks to know what they’re getting into if they aren’t familiar with the CSA concept,” Katie shared in an interview with us.

“I know that Farm Commons provides information from a legal standpoint in a way that is helpful to the farmers and also to the customers. I know that you all were a good place to start in developing my own CSA agreement.”

Check out Katie's inspiring farm and CSA operation here:!


For more information on developing a legally resilient CSA ,

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