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The Beginning Farmer’s Introduction to Farm Law

Broadcast Date: December 08, 2014
Chapter 1
Farm Commons introductions and an outline of the webinar's contents
Chapter 2
Learn how to prevent problems and stay out of court by developing a great lease.
Chapter 3
 Leasing: Farmer Story
A member of our farm community, Courtney, shares her precautionary tale relating to farmland leases.
Chapter 4
 Farm Partnerships
It can be wonderful to work and collaborate with other farmers, but it can also get complicated. Prevent interpersonal issues with partnerships agreements.
Chapter 5
 Liability Insurance
Why buy liability insurance? The basics of what it will, and will not, cover.
Chapter 6
 Selling Product
Prevent problems from arising in sales with clear communication and commitment. Our recommendations for various types of sales contracts.
Chapter 7
Learn details about independent contractors, minimum wage, and workers' compensation. We touch on injuries to volunteers, worker shares, and interns.
Chapter 8
We answer questions from our webinar attendees.

Beginning farmers will get a preview of the many legal issues they should consider when just starting out with farming. What business entity should a farmer choose? Which insurance policies are really important? What about that farmland lease- when should it be written down and what should it say? Is there anything to know about farmers market sales, volunteers, or working with family members? This tutorial will touch on all of these questions and more.

Beginning Farmer

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