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Adding Pick-up and Order Options at Farmers Markets Through COVID-19

Broadcast Date: May 21, 2020

As farmers' markets add curbside pickup, take advance orders, and offer bundled market purchases, customers are getting fresh, local foods in the midst of a pandemic. But, these innovations can also bring legal risk as well. With some advance planning, market managers can address these risks and create a program with strength beyond COVID-19. In this tutorial, we cover issues including increased liability risk, shifting insurance needs, potential licensing obligations, and concerns under site agreements. 

Disclaimer: We are working hard and fast to get information together about COVID-19 related programs to share with the farming community as quickly and accurately as possible. Please notethat things are rapidly shifting duringthis time and what was accurate info 2 days or 2 weeks ago may not be accurate tomorrow. As such, please look for our most recent updated information on all COVID-19 issues.
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